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Thread: Problem with NSMB freeze

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    Problem with NSMB freeze

    Got a Softmodded wii on 4.1. I used to use Neogammer but recently switched to USB Config
    I've got my backup of NSMB and the game loads fine until i get to world 2 and defeat the first boss, then it freezes after mario shows up on the world map.
    I'm using IOS249 and tried 250 but it still happens
    I remember this happened last time when i tried it on disc through neogammer but the problem still persists. If anyone has a clue to why it freezes id be grateful

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    i would say you've a poor backup ! ever since the disc burn

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    This game doesn't even require D2X. To OP (do this in order):

    Introduce Yourself

    Make sure you have followed this guide.

    Then look here.
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    One last suggestion,

    If you followed the softmod any wii guide, check cfg loader for updates, in the settings menu. I had an issue with 2 different games, tried several tips and suggestions, and then finally figured out that all I needed to do was update cfg loader. The guide is great and works, but like all things tech related new updates to the software come out all the time.

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    You're making an awfully big assumption that he did (follow that guide), lol --- though your advice is quite sound.


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