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Thread: I think I bricked my wii....

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    I think I bricked my wii....

    Okay, long story short I had my cousin mod my Wii. All I know is that he used letterbomb to do it.

    Now one day my sister was using my wii and then decides to update it via the Shop Channel, I was advised not to update since it was modded so I stayed away from doing so. Then soon after it didnt want to update, my sister then chooses to format the wii via the system settings thus deleting the homebrew channel, any other channels, and game saves on the wii.

    Now since then its been downgraded to 4.1U (it used to be 4.3U when it was modded), it cant play discs anymore, or even update. Every time I try to update it shows error 32004. My cousin told me that its semi bricked and explained that its just nintendo's way of being lame. Now I know that error 32004 means that it cant connect to the router, but honestly I know thats a lie.

    Is there any way to return the wii to what it was? And if there is a fix for this issue, will I still be able to play the games I purchased? Modded or unmodded I just want to be able to use my wii again.

    Thanks in Advance
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    Follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide (link in my sig) from start to end. Read a few times, and then proceed.

    It will update your Softmod and fix all your errors.

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    Yes, completely follow the GUIDES: SOFTMOD ANY WII. you'll be happy, very happy to have the Wii back to your life.

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    Awesome thanks guys! I really really appreciate it!

    Quick questions before I start doing anything, will this redo the mod for my wii?
    And what do I do if Nintendo wants me to update anything?

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    Yes, it will. If you do it ALL correctly then you will not have to worry about updates because priiloader will block them.

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    AWESOME! I just finished fixing my wii, thanks guys!

    Now, is there a way to update it to 4.3U? I followed the guide step by step, so why isnt it showing up under the system settings? OR is it not supposed to?

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    You should be on 4.1U? No need to update to 4.3.

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    Alright I'm fine with that! Once again thanks guys, I really appreciate the help!

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    Spend a minute reading the newbies guide in my signature. It has a lot of info in it that you may find interesting.


    Softmod ANY Wii
    | USB-FAT32 | Error Index | Chat!
    An Introduction To Wii Hacking - MUST READ for all new Wii Hackers
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