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Thread: Individual Wii U Game Pads go on sale for £89

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    Individual Wii U Game Pads go on sale for £89

    European retailer Very is selling the Wii U Game Pad on its website individually.

    Currently there are no ways to purchase individual Wii U Game Pads in the US and this is the first Iíve heard of it in Europe. Japan has the controllers on their own but for nearly $170 USD.

    They are selling the controller for £89. Thatís a pretty big price tag and Iíd imagine it could indicate a $129 or more price whenever the controller hits the USA.

    If so we could be looking at the controller costing nearly $150. £89 in the UK translates into nearly $144. Ouch!

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    Dang. You're getting almost a handful of news about the gamepad alone to use for these past few days.

    I've been wondering when we'll have these things working as a PC device. The possibility of purchasing individual gamepads would be great for that.
    Does anyone have information on a group effort attempting such a projecting involving the Gamepad and stuff like that?
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