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Thread: Gecko and Gator No DVD error

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    Gecko and Gator No DVD error

    Hi folks, need some confirmation in case my solution is wrong.

    I bought an NTSC-J wii, got it semi-bricked, unbricked it, installed HBC, and now i got a softmod and its officially 3.2u now, no longer 3.4j.

    So whats new? the modders gave me a Gecko OS channel and a Gamma wiiGator backup launcher channel on top of the HBC, which contains Gecko OS 1.07b.

    So i try playing backups, but they dont work, all three of them. and one of the three used to work before i got the softmod.

    Gecko gives me the No DVD error, and gamma wiigator says Error (349)

    So looking at what the launchers tell me, im using IOS249.

    And based off my findings, i need to use Anytitle Deleter and remove IOS249, and install cIOS36 rev7.

    Please let me know if this is the right way! thanks

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    You shouldn't need to worry about using AnyTitle Deleter. Just install the latest IOS249 and it will overwrite whatever is already there.


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