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Thread: wii modding help

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    wii modding help

    Hi everyone! I've been trying to mod mi wii for a couple days now and no luck. I followed this guide here Now i do not know if i did everything right or not. Also i don't know how to load a game from the usb ive tried searching. So i guess what i came here looking for is a guide that will show me from step one of homebrewing/softmodding all the way up to playing the games. I'm trying to mod my wii because the disc drive doesn't work.

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    If your disc drive is completely dead, you will not be able to USB load. The drive chip has to at least be partially working.

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    Well how do i know if it is completely dead. All i know is that it won't read a disc.

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    If it's electrically-dead (not seen by the Wii system itself), then USB loading would be prevented (because of that). If it's seen but unusable, the Wii could still use USB HDs. The "Softmod ANY Wii" guide and the how-to USB guide would be the way to go... of course, legitimately ripping your retail discs isn't gonna happen (with a optical drive that won't read'em)...

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    You could always use xNEEK+DI like I did, it turns all calls to the DVD drive to the USB ( UNEEK ) / SD ( SNEEK ) connected, just rip your games using a friends Wii or your PC ( Don't you need one of those rare LG drives for that ? ), use DiscEx to convert them to a format xNEEK can use. It can be a pain to set up but it has it's advantages. Now that I have a working disc drive, I don't really use it anymore.


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