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Thread: NOOB Question about cards

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    NOOB Question about cards

    Okay I'm new to this but I have two Dsi units I want to give as gifts to my grandchildren and I came across this site and wanted to know if I could order a SanDisk - 4GB SDHC Memory Card for Nintendo DSi

    and would it work the same as these cards you guys have posted if I were to load the firmware?

    Yes I've searched but can't find an answer to my question.

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    lol, no.... as in for playing roms correct?

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    Yes sir that's correct so to play roms you must have the flashcard I'm reading about on this site?

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    ye, you need a flashcart and a micro sd card to put your roms on, and the micro sd goes into the flashcart itself, the rest is easy

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    Got it-Thank you sir for the fast response!

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    Search for Supercard DS2.

    This card will do most anything 99.9% game compatibility and you can use a micro sd card up to 32GB's.

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    AceKard 2i --- and awesome firmware options.


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