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Thread: Erratic Motionplus Controller

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    Erratic Motionplus Controller

    Hi all - I have two controllers - a non-motion plus "clone" controller and an official Nintendo controller with motionplus built in.

    The "clone" controller works superbly.

    The motionplus has issues - The cursor constantly "jumps" or "jitters" - sometimes so much so it is impossible to point at things accurately.

    I have tried putting a motionplus game in (Red Steel 2) and calibrating the controller but it doesn't make any difference.

    Batteries are fully charged. Lenses are all clear. Sensitivity is adjusted and there are two perfect flashing dots.

    Tried different sensor bar positions.

    Any ideas please ??

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    Make sure there is nothing interfering with it, like light etc.
    But seeing how you say the other works fine, it could be that you have one that's defected.
    To test the theory borrow one from a friend and see if it does the same.

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    I have the same problem to, when i try to play red steel 2, i've got this jumpy cursor and cannot calibrate, so my motionplus is the defected one?


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