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Thread: MIOS Patcher --> bad hash error?

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    MIOS Patcher --> bad hash error?

    Hey guys. I just recently (or trying to) softmod my Wii and i'm stuck right now. It says my current loaded IOS is IOS249. I have a gamecube controller and I hit A to patch it but it says downloading a part and it says something along the lines of "not found" and in the end it says "bad hash". I'm not sure what to do at this point. I have homebrew and various apps on there, but I can't get MIOS Patcher to work. It was the main reason I wanted to softmod my Wii.. so I can play burned Gamecube games using the Gamecube Backup Launcher... if anyone can help, I would be extremely grateful. Thank you.

    More info: Menu is 4.1, Wii is from around 2007. Did the letterbomb hack, Installed homebrew, boot2, priiloader, and now i'm stuck on this part where I have to do the patch and it gives me a hash error.

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    Try an offline install, you'll need the files it downloads on your SD card though. Use NUSD to grab a stock MIOS-v10, enable the ' Pack WAD ' option and download it, rename the wad you get, which is in /NUSDFolder/titles/0000000100000101/10/, to ' RVL-mios-v10.wad '. Install the cMIOS with MIOS Patcher through IOS249 or IOS236, your choice.

    If that didn't make any sense, just use this guide, it's where I pulled the above information from.

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    Thanks man, I got it to work.


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