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Thread: hacked wii issues

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    hacked wii issues

    I've had my wii hacked for a little over a year now, everything was working fine, and recently i went on to play and all my album covers were gone and my games would only load in black and white and all messed up. I quickly realized that someone messed with the sd card so i fixed it and all was fine again. Then about 2 weeks late it happened again, i pulled the sd card out and put it back in and the covers were back, however now some of the games, more specifically it seems any of the racing games only come in black and white and messed up. Can someone please help me with what the problem can be. I've tried several various programs loading the games all with the same result.

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    It sounds like you are loading games from another region other than your own, have you tried setting the video mode or whatever it's called to your Wiis region ?

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    That's the only thing i've read online that could be the problem, but two things 1. i don't know how to fix any of that, and 2. why would those games have worked over the last year then suddenly stopped?

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    1. In the Loader Settings of whatever method of booting your games you use, you just set the video mode to your region, if your Wii is under the US region, NTSC-U, European, PAL, Japanese, NTSC-J

    2. Have you modified your Wiis region settings at all from that one point to now ?


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