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Thread: SD card problems with loading games

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    SD card problems with loading games

    Hi people, i am using a sandisc micro sd 8GB card put into a sd reader. I have properly installed homebrew and softmod properly. everything works fine but loading games.

    I format sd to FAT32, then format on wbfs manager 2.5. i load the games to the SD then put it into the wii and open the neogamma channel and mount the sd. it loads will the title of the games i put onto the sd but when i launch the game it seems to be working fine then boom i get the same disc error when you have problems with say scatched wii disc saying disc error please eject and turn off power and look at wii instrutions for further information.

    Im getting a usb sd reader to see if any of the usb loaders launch the games soon.

    Is anyone else having the same problems with sd? does this sound like the average error with sd cards or do you think the softmod is iffy?

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    if anyone else is having the same problems. time to chill i have found the awnser to your questions. you need to go into config settings on neogamma and change the setting were it says use sd cIOS to one of the other IOS settings my one worked on the IOS36 setting


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