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Thread: DIOS MIOS Question

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    DIOS MIOS Question

    Quick question: Can DIOS MIOS be installed on a non-softmodded Wii with HBC installed?


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    I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure you need to softmod your Wii to use DiosMios or any other USB related things, sorry. If you need a guide, you can find a " Softmod any Wii " guide in my signature.

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    What about MIOS Patcher with GameCube Backup Launcher?
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    Well, I suppose you could do that, but it won't work with Dios Mios, never tried it though so you never know. I'm pretty sure MIOS Patcher was just for installing that cMios from WiiGator which allowed the MIOS dvd-r access.

    From the readme.txt " This program patches the MIOS to allow booting of gamecube homebrew on a Wii and also patches the MIOS to enable DVD-R access. For gamecube homebrew and backups you need a loader that boots gamecube homebrew/boots gamecube games with a gamecube homebrew loader, for example NeoGamma R9. "


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