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Thread: How to prepare your USB drive for Configurable USB Loader?

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    How to prepare your USB drive for Configurable USB Loader?

    What directories should I create on my USB drive so that CFG USB loader reads the games? What format should my USB drive so that it can load both GC games and Wii games? (BTW, I already have DIOS MIOS installed)

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    Honestly, you shouldn't have to create any directory structure; your loader should create the appropriate directories for you. Are you trying to move all of you SD contents to a USB drive?

    I am not sure about GC games, but I have my hard drive in FAT32 format, which holds all my games, HBC APPS, etc. SD card is not required at that point. If you're going to move your SD card to the USB drive, then structure is the same (basically drag and drop from the SD card), other than that you should be good to go.
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    Use FAT32 (there is a nice guide for it, link in my sig). Your Wii games go in USB:/WBFS/Game Name [GAMEID]/GAMEID.wbfs. GC games in USB:/games. (Not entirely sure what that file structure will look like.) You can use a game manager to help you out with this, and your loader will rip games to the right place automatically.
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