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Thread: Wiiflow 4.0.5 Launching Disc drive instead of USB drive?

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    Wiiflow 4.0.5 Launching Disc drive instead of USB drive?

    Hello, new to the Wii modding scene. Just to give some background on my situation, whenever I attempt to launch any of my USB games using Wiiflow 4.0.5 it launches whatever is in the disc drive instead, and if the drive is empty it simply goes to a black screen that forces me to shut it off. cfg seems to be able to launch these games just fine, so it has to be something wrong with wiiflow. I love wiiflow's interface a lot more than cfg so I'd hate to simply give up and settle for less. I am running 4.1U and have virtually all of the IOSs installed, including 58, 222, 249, and 250, so what other possible explanation could there be for this problem and how do I go about fixing it?

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    It is unclear from your post which guide you used to softmod. I am guessing that it was a guide from another site (please don't link to it, as it is not allowed). I strongly recommend using the softmod any wii guide here at wiihacks. In my opinion, it is one of the better guides when it comes to softmodding.
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    I used the Letterbomb to mod. Just reset it back to the backup nand to see if 4.3U would fix the problem but still the same issue. I used the microwave Sam hack pack for my IOSs. I'm just puzzled as to how cfg has no issue reading and running my usb backups but wiiflow, no matter what version I try, either cannot find the games on the USB or won't run the games when it does recognize them. Looked long and hard in the forums for someone with a similar problem and a solution but no dice. It seems to be a unique case.


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