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    Red face Mods and Cheats for Wii Games

    Hi all!

    I'm really new at this, so I hope I don't sound too hopeless... I just installed Homebrew, and I'm going through some other softmodding steps as we speak for my Wii (2007). All I REALLY want to do is: Play Twilight Princess with the Magic Armor from the start of a new save file (or soon thereafter), with infinite rupees so I can wear it all the time. Is there some way I can do this using my Twilight Princess (selects) disc? I've looked around and I just can't find anything. I bought an Action Replay SD card, but Twilight Princess isn't responding to any of the cheats (and I can't download the Power Save they offer that says it will give you the armor as soon as you receive the Hero Clothes, because the program isn't displaying the "download" button correctly on my computer...which is the reason I gave up and just tried to hack my Wii to do it).

    Thanks so much--any help is greatly appreciated

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    Maybe you misunderstood what I was asking... I don't think this is any different from a custom skin in Brawl, for a game I bought brand new from the store...? So I thought I'd ask about it on a hack/homebrew/emulator/mod site, which I thought was the point here based on what I read before asking. Gee.
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    I understood what you asked for, I'm sorry if you feel like I was being unhelpful or mean but what I said is true. Cheating is not supported here on WiiHacks. What you're asking for is a cheat that will let you wear the magic armor and give you infinite rupees so you can keep it on at all times. If I'm somehow taking this "no cheating" rule we have out of context I do hope one of the other staff members corrects me on that.

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    Please refer to the snippet of the rules below, especially in bold..
    2. Piracy and cheating are neither condoned nor supported by WiiHacks. WiiHacks resources and activities support the precepts of “fair use” of the games purchased by our members.

    a) Asking for or providing information, assistance, sources for, or direct provision of pirated materials, theft, or other illegal activities violate site rules.
    b) There are to be no links to sites that directly provide illegal or pirated material. Members are not to directly provide material or links that provide material in violation of copyright to others using the communications resources of the site. Such material includes, but is not limited to, commercially available Wii game ISOs and WiiWare and Virtual Console games. As a copy of the Wii's NAND may have copyrighted downloadable content, a link to a NAND copy may only be posted if specifically requested by site staff in the Brick Forum.
    c) To assist our members in making backup copies of their legally purchased games, members are allowed to identify and provide links to sites that list or track sources of game ISOs. Links to open source material are allowed.
    d) WiiHacks does not provide support for game cheating or cheat codes. Do not request or provide cheat codes or assistance in game cheating.
    Sorry, we can not assist you with your problem.

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    Wow...guess I misunderstood. It's not like it's illegal. I just figured a hack site would be the place to find, well, what I'd call a hack of this game. Never mind I've beaten this game "legit" more times than I can count (proof with a walkthrough on YouTube). With a Dolphin Emulator, you can easily do what I'm asking (you can kinda do it in the actual game with rupees from Jovani's cat...or dare I mention the fishing rod/Ganondorf "cheat"), I was just curious to try it with the Wii version of the game on my acutal Wii (now that I have a Wii U, because I would have never dared do anything "frowned upon" to my Wii beforehand) so everything would be flipped...I wasn't asking for anything like the people on MKWii that screw up races, just wanted to play around in the armor without having to worry with it because it looks cool is all... It's hard to find anything by searching Twilight Princess because the homebrew hack is so prevalent in search results, so I just thought...

    Yeah, again, I thought that this would be a custom skin kind of thing. And here I was all these years refusing to do anything Nintendo wouldn't like to my Wii, never owned a pirated game--don't even buy used games--and I get a scarlet letter on a hack site for asking, not for a code or how to do it, but if it was *possible* to change clothes in game. Yeesh. Thanks anyway...

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