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Thread: Just Dance 4 without Songs

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    Just Dance 4 without Songs


    I have the wii with the sun-driver installed and a cable drive homemade to work the DVD original or sun-drive according to interest me.

    I bought the just dance 4 and with dvd player works without problems, I made the iso and works well with the dolphin emulator for PC.

    When I load the iso in the sun-drive the game starts and runs but not appears to me the song list, it only shows the link to the store and player profiles but the songs are missing.

    My children take care of the DVD's, but my nephews does not, hence my preoccupation, they marred the DVD's of Just Dance 2 and 3

    Anyone know how to add the songs?.

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    I found a solution, you just have to take the option to self start of the games, so, using the game cube menu, I select the game I want and I get in the games channel, instead of starting by itself, I have to select it like I was inside the DVD, but it works perfectly.

    Thank you all for reading and see if it helps someone.


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