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Thread: Can I force my UK(PAL) Wii to output an NTSC signal?

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    Can I force my UK(PAL) Wii to output an NTSC signal?

    I'm looking for a confirmation that soft modding my son's UK (PAL) Wii will allow me to force output an NTSC signal that my USA Samsung TV can accept

    REQUEST: Can anyone confirm this can be done... I'm brand new at this and wanted to know this before I invest a few weeks time in the effort (...and at the risk of building up my 9 year old sons hopes)

    We've got a bunch of games purchased in the UK that we areusing

    Primary goal is to get the display sorted out - its in B&W, it is blurred and the aspect ratio is shot (so the messages at the bottom of the screen cannot be read)

    I've got both composite and component cables at hand

    Many thanks

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    You can do it, but involves region changing your Wii. That would be risky. Are you sure you want to do it?

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