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Thread: usb loader gx is freezing on loading config files

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    usb loader gx is freezing on loading config files

    I tried posting this again but my thread vanished?
    Anyway, Hey all ^^
    I bought a wii for my niece last night and I've been trying to softmod it.
    I installed HBC with letterbomb (and made a backup with bootmii for whatever reason) and then i saw a guy's video on how to use a usb loader . Here's the video :
    HTML Code:
    I did everything he said but usb loader gx is getting stuck on loading config files.
    I tried googling for an answer but no1 else seems to have it .
    I also tried using a later version of usb loader gx with no luck.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: Is there a way to bring my wii back to it's factorial state to try things again?^^

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    Follow the softmod anywii guide in my sig

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    alright thanks ^^

    Edit: how do I remove the CIOS I already installed tho?
    Are they installed in the SD ,meaning a simple format on the SD will fix it or did they change wii's software?

    second edit: I uninstalled bootwii, hbc and then formatted wii and doing what the guide says atm... hope it works ^^

    Final edit: everything worked out fine ^^
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