I'm a complete noob with most of this so sorry. I've already softmodded my wii and I use usb loader gx to play wii games on it (with a 8gb usb flashdrive) but i've never tried to play gamecube games on it. The version I have according to the credits is 3.0c IOS249 (Rev21008)(d2x v8final base56). First of all, I can't get disc 1 of symphonia onto the flash drive with WBFS Manager or WiiBackUpManager. I renamed the .gcm extention to .iso but it still didn't work. I also can't directly put disc 1 from my computer->flash directory because it's in a different format so I would have to format it. I don't know what to do after I format it or if i'm even suppose to do that but i've learned that formatting it and just simply putting the wii isos in there won't work and that I would have to do it though WBFS or Wiibackupmanager. So that's my first problem, I just need to simply get the game onto the flashdrive in a way so that usb loader gx can read it. My second question would be can USB loader GX (the one I have) even play gamecube games or do I have to install something extra? If I do, I would be very greatful if you could link me to some very simple step by step tutorial. And my third question, since symphonia has 2 discs, what do I have to do once it says I have to swap disc 1 with disc 2? Thanks for taking the time to read and if you can help, please be as detailed as possible because I'm an idiot when it comes to stuff like this.