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Thread: Rom inject into Wad issue

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    Rom inject into Wad issue

    If you guys aren't familiar with the auto inject rom app it's a program that allows you to convert like virtual console that aren't on the wii shop channel. I did the whole process right and turned my Banjo Kazooie rom into a Wad. I installed it on my wii(4.3u) using multi mod manager and returned to the wii menu. On my wii menu it had the Paper Mario 64 icon( in the tutorial it said you had to get a wad that uses the same system as your rom, like Banjo Kazooie is on the N64 and plus you have to have a big enough wad to convert the rom into a wad so I got Paper Mario 64.wad it's was like 40mb.) So I click on the channel and pressed start plugged my classic controller in and I it froze at the "you need a classic controller"

    Can Somebody help

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    Games from Rare on the N64 used some custom code to force the N64 to use higher-res textures, and Nintendo isn't allowed to put games out that use it, hence why Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie, Diddy Kong Racing, and all those other amazing games aren't on the Wii Shop.


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