Recently we added 2 mods to the forum!

as you can see on all pages theres now a search bar, this is to prevent spam in the shoutbox, and to make it easier for the average member!
the other mod is Quick Pm's, but in adding new things, if you happen to see a bug, please pm me and ill see what i can do to fix it!

the next update is about user groups

we are still looking for News hounds *pm me if interested* there also could be a social pages job, its about stirring up convos, and just making that area a bit more fun, these jobs are based off actions, not words remember that!

Also the other day, someone asked me... is there any way i can donate to this forum? since no one ever asked, there wasnt a way, so i talked to Modderman and now we got a way to donate...

if you want to give back to the forum, and couldn't really think of how? toss in a few bucks to "" which 100% goes to making this the best site around!

if you donate, you will get a special Medal, and maybe more down the road, it is in no way mandatory, or will be required to get support here... but that's a BIG thing that i wanted to talk about...

this is a reminder to everyone new/somewhat new... *which i would like to see post something here if you don't mind*
being a member here is a privilege, not a right! we have the right to remove your power to post/ban you if we see fit. THAT doesnt mean make a new account and try again! *we will catch you, and we do know if you do it* constantly i see people asking for help, nothing wrong with that... but when you cant do it for yourself, expect the worst! being new is not a excuse, if you can deflect any action with "sorry im a noob", i should be able to go "sorry, ive helped 900+ other people" it doesn't work that way! please make a topic after some searching and effort =\ or you can/will brick your wii.

there are a few other things i got to say... but ill keep them to myself ^^ *secrets are fun :3*

i hope to see some feedback and if you got ideas to improve the forum please post them, we do read them, and we do try our best to make it the best!

~Shichibukai Grant