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Thread: No video output and no sound

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    No video output and no sound

    I know it sounds ominous...

    I have recently Hacked my Wii.
    Everything was working fine, I just wanted to boot directly into usbloader GX. I followed theese instructions:

    [1c] [Optional]Autobooting and returning to USB Loader GX

    It is possible to boot your wii directly into the USB loader GX. The only thing you need for this is a wii app called preloader. First download the newest rev of the loader or even better, the forwarder (dol format, see downloads at the top of the readmii). Place the dol you get in the root of your SD card (no need to rename it to boot.dol). In the preloader menu, choose install file and choose the dol to install. When its done, go to the main menu of preloader (B) and then choose 'settings'. You have to change 2 options here: Autoboot=file and Return to=preloader. Save the settings, then launch the Wii menu in the main menu. It will boot into the USB loader GX!

    When I rebooted I then had no video / no audio / no signal.

    What can I do ?


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    ok... fixed this.
    powered off. pressed and held power button whilst holding reset button. pri-loader came up... undid the settings.

    thanks for being there anyhow !


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