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Thread: Xbox360 shows E74 error on TV Screen, how to fix

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    Xbox360 shows E74 error on TV Screen, how to fix

    hi guys i need your help, i got xbox360 shows E74 error on TV screen. so i did the following things, still not success.
    xbox360 Mfg date :2007
    1)-i did x-clamp on to heat sinks with thermal past etc, still i am getting same error E74.

    2)-i did this back on the board, i remove 4 elastic white past (by manufacturar comes this elastic white paste there) & i put thermal past treatment then reattach that 4 elastic paste back on it, still E74 error shows on TV.

    based on your experience, what is the best solution to fix this error. and its look like software error may be, because my mothermoard looks very new inside. so "how to fix Software error E74",.

    or if you know any j-tag technique to fix this xbox360, please let me know, i will give a try.

    hopefully waiting for your replies.

    thanks for your help.

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    You must heat up the HANA chip located at the read of board near the video output

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