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Thread: 4.1e wii wont update to 4.3e

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    4.1e wii wont update to 4.3e

    Hi, some time a year or two ago I was messing around with my wii and was definitely on 4.3e. Just came back home from university and looked at my wii; it says its on 4.1e. Tried updating it but still says 4.1e. Wii shop cannel works fine and everything, but it almost appears to be lying when it says its on 4.1e. No matter how many times i update it will always say 4.1e and I have no idea why. I have homebrew channel installed, and i keep having trouble playing my legit copy of Skyward sword, So really Im looking for any kind of advice towards either virginizing my wii (if people think thats the best option) or whatever advice is given. So far im trying to stay away from deleting any of my IOS as people say thats bad news, but if anybody could give advice that would help me loads towards playing skyward sword, Im dying to finish it and feel gutted having paid for it.

    Here's my wii system log or however you call it. Many thanks!

    (this could be messy, i dont really get some of the stuff)


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    That must be Priiloader blocking online updates. I don't understand why you want to update to 4.3, 4.1 is the recommended system menu. Also, because your Wii is softmodded, updating may brick it.

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    Your on system menu 4.1e and it's maxed out , so it wont update to 4.3e.

    You stubbed your cios 249/250 by trying to update.
    Also your cios are out dated.
    Install the D2x V8 Cios's..Link->D2x Cios Installation Guide
    Have a look here for Problematic Games &Their Solutions.

    No, I would not recommend virginizing your wii.

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    If you wish to update to 4.3e you will need to manually install it via nus or wad. You can use wiimod to update to 4.3, this will remove priiloader so you will need to reinstall that as well. This is not likely to help you play any games. What do you mean your having trouble playing skyward sword, what is it doing?
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    Thanks for the quick reply guys! I'll give that a go, updating my cios's. not too sure what is meant by maxxing out my wii, but as there is no reason to update to 4.3 i'll leave it be.

    First skyward sword would only load through neogamma and not through the disc channel which was odd, but that was fixed with a format. Now whenever I try to 'flick' the wiimote to leap across vines, link just stays still and i wave the remote like an idiot. Its really annoying. I have no idea what the issue could be here because the flick to jump used to work but doesnt know. almost as if the line of code for vine jumper disappeared. hey ho. Thanks for the feedback guys, will follow your advice!

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    Hi, I was just wondering why it is not recommended to have a softmodded wii on 4.3e? is it not more efficient or anything?

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    System Menu 4.2 and 4.3 add no functionality, they exist solely as other further attempts by Nintendo to block softmodding (or piracy, obviously if it would be abused).


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