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Thread: Wii os version 3.2 and softmod

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    Wii os version 3.2 and softmod

    I have purchased a used wii that is modchipped. A tried to burn the iso of zelda skyward sword to play it. My wii recognizes the game, but when a click to play ii a I get a black screen and have to turn the power off the wii to boot it again. The last owner said that his modchip is not the best one and not all types of burned games would work. I'm thinking about softmodding this wii. The os version is 3.2, should a update it before softmodding? Anyone have any ideia about zelda skyward sword black screen? I can play a burned copy of paper mario.

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    Softmod it with the Softmod ANY Wii guide (link in my sig). Also do the 4.1 menu install.

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    Take a look at this for that game, Ultimate List of Problematic Games & Solutions.

    No, you don't have to update to soft mod your wii.
    Follow the soft mod any wii guide From the beginning to the end.
    Please read the guide a few times, then proceed.

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    Bob, if you play it with retail disc, you should encounter no problem at all.
    Paper Mario is an old game. Zelda Skyward Sword is new and run under latest IOS. Either Upadte or SOFTMOD will help it playable on your 2nd hand Wii.


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