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Thread: usb loader gx and usb port 1

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    usb loader gx and usb port 1

    ok, for the most part every thing is working but just one anoying bug i need help with. I had both wii and cube games on one HDD. My hdd was getting full, so i put all the cube games on a second HDD cause i am too cheap to buy a bigger one right now. HDD with wii games plugged into port 0, and the one with cube games is plugged into port 1. Now, when i boot the wii, only HDD in port 0 loads, so i goto hdd settings in usb loader gx, and switch it both ports and still only port 0. if i select only port 1 then it loads, and then i change it to both and then both ports load. how ever when i turn system off, and then back on, only port 0 is loaded. in settings it still says both ports. i have to change it to port 1 only then back to both ports to get both to show up every time i turn system on. any clue what is wrong here. If it makes any diffrence i am using usb loader gx v.3 rev 1207 mod 01 i belive.

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    I believe d2x v9 fixes the second port issues. You can try installing the v9s to see if that fixes your problem. Download from HERE and extract directly to the wad folder on your sd card. Install using wiimod or MMM.

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    yeah, i have had those installed for a while, and i just noticed i am getting an error "area! al error app_entry is not within the app loader..." when i launch a cube game now. this never happened before. i reverted it back to the official mios and then reinstalled dios-mios 2.6 again now i am getting the error "fatal error apploader size is zero" actualy one of the titles i tried to launch disapeared from the hdd after i reset the wii from the first error... was metal of honor rising sun.

    only thing else i changed was i updated homebrew chanel from 1.1.0 to 1.1.2. just downgraded back to 1.1.0 and still getting the errors. i have nmm turned off every thing is set at defaults. it has all been working for months untill today

    ok ..... i put the hdd with the cube games in port 0 now they load up fine. but this arose a new problem. it does not see the wii games plugged into port 1. even if i set it to port one only it still loads the cube games from port 0. the only way i can get it to see the wii games in 1 is to unplug the drive from 0

    is there a guide on here for setting up usb gx for two HDD that i over looked? cause it doesnt matter what i do, as soon as i get one thing working another stops. guess i will have to settle for switching out HDD drive when i want to go from cube to wii or back
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    Have you set usb loader gx to read from both ports in Loader settings???


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