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Thread: Sex in a Public Place, Old Age, and the Blue Pill

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    Sex in a Public Place, Old Age, and the Blue Pill

    So Thursday morning a coworker strolls back into the building after having a smoke. He buzzes by and says "hey, some old people are having sex in our parking lot." My supervisor upon hearing this issues the understandable "you're kidding me, right?" To which he replies "no, ma'am, wanna come see?" To which caused her to be led out into our parking lot (during business hours on a weekday). She sees a couple in their 60s (yes, 60s) getting it on full-court press in the back seat.

    After not finding the branch manager (who oversees the building itself), she goes back outside and raps on the window and motions like "put the window down." The guy complies and she goes "Um, we have your licence plate and you're having sex in a public place --- leave now, or we'll report you by calling the cops." The old couple scram out of the lot to parts unknown.

    People made jokes the whole day long (anything from "he must've taken the blue pill and felt frisky" to "let's put a meter in the lots and a coin-dispenser condom machine there"). Wow is all I gotta say... really, in their 60s?!?!?!? Can't say I've seen that (coming from the viewpoint of "I've seen it all," I now think I'm actually qualified to say that, LMAO!)

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    LOL, Did you actually see them? Probably would have given me nightmares for a week!

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    Nope, but your um... tag/sig in conjunction with what was coitus-interruptus doesn't help

    (My job on Thursday mornings --- only I am capable/qualified to do it; so I couldn't step away and see --- not that I would've wanted to). If it was on a Friday, I'd have been able to. So I suppose I am not scarred for life on the plus side, LOL

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    Good on them I say.

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    Lmao. I hope im still frisky at 60. Otherwise im not sure I wanna get there!

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