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Thread: Having Issues Loading Wads

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    Having Issues Loading Wads

    I'll start by saying thanks, I've been using the guides here for a while. I haven't run into anything i couldn't figure out, until now... So this is fourth or fifth wii softmod I'm working on here. I started this project for a friend a while back. I got his HBC running via SmashStack, and that was fine for a while, but now he's asked me to help him connect usb. The Wii is 4.3u with NO cios over 200. I thought this was strange, so I went back and rehacked via smash, and still the same thing. Any time I try to load a .wad file via ios36 i get the infamous 2011 error. I tried different sd cards, different installers, different wads, nothing changes. I'm sure I'm missing something menial, but after scouring a few different guides, and plenty of time with google, I still can't find a fix. Any help is Greatly appreciated.

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    Follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide linked to below in my sig, starting at Chapter 2. That should get you taken care of.

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    it appears to be loading the tickets now. much thanks! +1


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