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Thread: 3DS Flashcart for DSI V1.45 Firmware

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    3DS Flashcart for DSI V1.45 Firmware

    News from that now DSi firmware has been updated to v1.45.The good news was that the update provides behind-the-scenes improvements to system performance,the bad news was that some famous flashcart ,such as ak2i,r4i-gold pro and so on been blocked. In fact,according to a confirmed news from GBA forum that at present just following three cards can work perfectly on DSi V1.45 and 3DS V4.5.0-10,they are :

    Working List

    Supercard dstwo

    R4isdhc 3ds
    R4i gold 3ds

    For the DStwo users,you just need download the latest EOS 1.11 patch 12.12 , EOS Kernel update not an Firmware update so no flashing needed.For r4i gold users,you still need download the updated patch from for r4isdhc 3ds user, assure your card is the newest version with " v4.5 " mark , r4isdhc 3ds v4.5 can directly on latest 3ds and dsi firmware as well.

    I think,later more and more cards will join the compatibility list,maybe the matter of time.
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