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Thread: Fixed Problem.

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    Talking Fixed Problem.

    Ok, i was having problems booting my backup of wii music on my wii and i didnt know were to start on how to fix this.
    I was about to give up but instead i dicided to give it one more try.
    I replaces my old cios installer with a new download and used it on my wii
    and guess what, it worked!
    the backup launcher was up and running.
    so if you are having problems with your loader than heres one way to try to fix it: just start with new cios installer(delete the old one) and then try a new backup launcher file(deleating the old on as well)

    hope it helps
    im playing wii music right now =D

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    uhhh congratz *not sure the point in this topic -,_-,*

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    uhhh congratz *not sure the point in this topic -,_-,*
    haha sorry i just got really exited because my backup launcher wasn't working i wanted to punch it in the face.
    now it decided to work =D.

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    Cool, if anything else that requires a cIOS stops working, update the cIOS like you did with the backup launcher and it should work.


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