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Thread: Wii Sports player list problem

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    Wii Sports player list problem

    Hi everybody.

    My Wii was stolen some months ago. Luckly, I had a nand backup of the same year and I was able to restore my Miis and almost all my save data to a new Wii. However, I couldn't edit my own Miis because they are 'another person Miis' (from another Wii, to be exact).

    My problem is that I'd deleted a Mii to make another one with the same name but my old Mii was deleted from the player list from Wii Sports. Ok, I thought that restoring my old Mii back to the Mii Channel and restore the backup Wii Sports save data would solve the problem, but unfortunely not. Now, don't matter what I try, every time I restore my Wii Sports save data it says that "one or more Miis has been erased from the Mii Channel..." even with all my Miis of the old nand in the Mii Channel.

    Does anybody know why this happens? There are some type of save data from the Mii Channel that records when you delete a Mii or something? :/
    Please, help me, I no longer know what to do

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    It gives you the warning about that when you register a new mii to the game, pretty sure you are SOL


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