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Thread: softmodded 4.1 wii with malfunctioning disc drive having problems playing gamecube

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    Question softmodded 4.1 wii with malfunctioning disc drive having problems playing gamecube

    okay i'll try to sum this up as simply as possible :3

    i'm running a softmodded wii as per the "softmod any wii" thread, have homebrew channel, backup homebrew channel, bootmii, a NAND backup, and priiloader. version is 4.1u.

    i have usb loader gx (latest revision) using ios 249 i believe. it works perfectly playing most wii games directly from a flash drive in the back of the system (32gb, fat32, primary and active)

    i have tried dios mios 2.0, 2.2, and 2.6 (not lite versions)

    the disc drive DOES NOT CORRECTLY IDENTIFY WII/GAMECUBE GAMES MOST OF THE TIME. (i ran a disc with a brush on it through the wii a while back a few times and it would not work even afterwards, so i believe the laser itself may be dead)

    my sd card is not an sdhc by the way.

    okay so heres what i'm trying to achieve. my disc drive is toast, meaning that most methods of playing gamecube games are just not going to happen (neogamma etc), and i actually have physical copies of these games i want to play just to clarify, i just need to get around the broken drive. any ideas?

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    okay, fixed it by reinstalling a version of dios mios and usb loader gx, BUT the loading times for everything are horrendous! (only in gamecube games, wii games on the same drive run full speed) any ideas guys? 32gb PNY flash drive formatted to 64kb cluster size fat32 primary active partition. dios mios 2.6 (not lite) no disc option is enabled. game is pokemon colosseum.

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    okay i have completely fixed it. for anyone with the same problem, the solution i found was fully updated wiiflow, dios mios lite 2.6, and a high capacity sd card (8gb+ preferably)

    two main things here i've found, first when you format the sd card set the cluster size to 64kb, and secondly, if games arent showing up correctly, delete the wiiflow cache folder on the sd card! you have to do this every time you add a game :P

    anyways good luck to you all!


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