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Thread: Wiiflow - No available usb partitions for data :(

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    Wiiflow - No available usb partitions for data :(

    I followed the Softmod ANY Wii tutorial:
    I used an NTFS drive, seeing now that wiiflow and such do not need a wbfs partition! ya!

    I used supersmashbrosbrawl hack, and homebrew/etc all installed fine with SD card.

    I completed the guide.

    I loaded wiiflow from the channel, and proceeded to install supersmashbrosbrawl.
    Success.. box was there, game loaded.

    Now I want to remove the SD card requirement.

    Went to move the SD apps/etc folders to the ntfs drive.. homebrew did not see it, wiiflow crashed.

    Read articles here stating use fat32, that hbc has issues with ntfs... so reformatted drive after copying the contents off on a mac to fat32. (MS-DOS).
    Copied contents back onto drive.

    Homebrew channel can now see the apps.

    Wiiflow channel and homebrew wiiflow launching yields: No available usb partition for data and no SD Inserted! Exiting.

    I want no SD card inserted, only have 1.
    Deleted the lists folder in cache and the wiiflow.ini in the settings folder from another thread about resetting wiiflow.

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    See the full channel thread in my sig to install a full channel of WiiFlow.

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    All you need are FULL CHANNELS of every kind of Loaders !

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