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Thread: Son Uninstalled Wii Menu Help

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    Son Uninstalled Wii Menu Help

    my son i guess uninstalled the wii menu and i have no preloader or Bootmii i tryed the GC controlelr mthod but i cant get the 4 buttons to press down at the same time its hard is there any other way i can fix this?

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    you will need to strip the controller down to do the savemiifrii trick, also the controller needs to be official not 3rd party. Check this link out.

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    What happens when you boot the Wii? Are you getting a black screen or does you Wii freeze at the Health and Safety screen?

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    Uninstalling the system menu from the wii can only be fixed with boot2 bootmii or nand reprogramming. It messes everything up, even if you uninstall the system menu and reinstall it, your still bricked without a setting.txt which could only be fixed with boot2 bootmii, or priiloader if that was reinstalled. If you have a nand backup, you can send it to a nand programmer to be fixed, otherwise a new wii or perhaps a wiiu is in your future.
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