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Thread: Modding a wii to play downloaded games saved to PC on network

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    Modding a wii to play downloaded games saved to PC on network

    i have a wii, but i want to be able to download games and play them. I dont know what i have to do so i was wondering if someone who has done this could help me out. couple questions...

    1. If i put homebrew on the wii will i be able to play downloaded games?
    2. can the wii be modded without additional hardware?
    3. Can i play downloaded games off the network instead of burning it?

    I only have experience in modding an xbox, not a wii


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    kinda you need a SD card, blank DVD's and twilight princess

    so? its not like knowing psp is gonna make you any better than someone knowing nothing -,_-,

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    Ahh i see. I was planning on modding my wii if i was able to not burn dvds. I dont really want to burn dvd's because the DL ones are expensive, and i would imagine that almost all wii games are DL??

    if not, can you lead me to a link so i can start to do this to my wii so i can download and burn games?

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    though we may have started off on the wrong foot yesterday, thanks for the help admiral

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