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Thread: Button Remapping from GC to Wiimote help

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    Button Remapping from GC to Wiimote help

    I would like to play my game cube games on the wii using the Wiimote and not the Gamecube controller.
    I have the games playing through Wiiflow and have looked for Ocarina stuff but I can not find anything.

    So is it even possible to remap the keys so that I can use the wiimote instead of the dam gc controller?

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    I know for a fact this isn't possible, maybe in Devolution you can use a Classic Controller ( Not 100% sure ), but no, as far as I know, you can't do it.

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    Devolution does not support classic cons....yet. Sorry but you'll have to wait till teudj adds that support in as he has stated his intention to do so.

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    Playing GC games with wiimote is similiar to eat your Angus cut with chopstick, not using knife & fork. Don't you think so?


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