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Thread: Bootmii help?

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    Us Bootmii help?

    ok heres my prob. i used bootmii and made a backup let it double check its self etc. but when i try to use recovery it says it cant find anything. i have bootmii installed as an ios. any help?

    PS:i got a new blue wii. is there a way 2 install bootmii as boot2?

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    you do not want to use bootmii as an ios to reinstall the nand. That is only attempted as an absolute last resort. If hackmii installer doesnt give you the option of installing as boot2 then it is not possible. You will need a pretty old wii to get to have boot2.

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    ok then. but how do i use the recovery then? i made the backup i got the nand and the keys. do i rename it or put it in my bootmii folder.

    EDIT:no my wii isnt brick i hit a wrong button and it sent me 2 bootmii recovery. thank god i caught it


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