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Thread: how to play virtual console from sd card

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    how to play virtual console from sd card

    I'm one of those people who as much internal memory as possible freed up all the time. computer, cell phone etc... even wii.

    I would much rather import my vc n64 games to the sd card. Can someone help me out to a tutorial or let me know how it's done? I've looked around on the Internet quite a bit but honestly I just don't want to jack anything up.

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    You can do it from the system menu under data management. You just move the channels.

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    If you do that - it will have to load the channel onto the NAND everytime you want to play the game (from my experience). I dont know if Nand can get worn out or not - but the solution that I used can be found here:

    Basically your emulated nand is limited only by the size of the USB or SD device you use - which will be much greater than the capacity of the wii system memory. And its much faster and more convenient than loading channels from the SD card every time.


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