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Thread: Little problem on the Softmod ANY Wii guide

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    Question Little problem on the Softmod ANY Wii guide

    Hello. I'm new to these things and I'm having trouble with this guide. I have a 3.1U Wii with Modchip.

    I can't load the boot.dol. I do extract the files to sd:\, but when I go to Wii Settings - Data Management - Channels - SD Card, nothing happens. I don't get any window asking if I want to load the boot.dol, just appears some little blank windows. My SD Card is a Kingston 2GB. What should be the problem?

    Download, Extract file to sd:\
    alternate BBv1 files-B, C, D, E- If the boot.dol does not load, try these, just extract to sd:\
    -Go to wii settings- data managment- channels- SD- Load the boot.dol''

    There is this alternate thing that I don't get it. Would be that?

    Another thing
    that i'm in doubt it's the Part 3: Making a NAND backup.
    I know I got to do some things first to get to this point, but since I'm writting, I'm putting all my doubts.

    ''Load HBC, press -HOME-, launch Bootmii
    Make a nand backup
    Press Power, Power, Power, Reset, Reset (yes we are talking about the buttons on your Wii console itself, or you can use a GameCube controller. If using the buttons on your Wii, press them quickly, do not hold them down)''

    When should I press these buttons? After the backup is done?

    I can hardly wait for the answers,

    Thank you all.

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    Try the othet bannerbomb files, a b c d

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