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    Hey guys can you help me get the latest things for my already hacked Wii, as in HBC, and I need some download links for the latest stuff so my wii can do everything and I will post later of about my Wii from PimpMyWii through


    Please help me guys?

    Here is my information Pimp v2.30 Device ID 59d5b2b Boot2 v4 Boot1 hash f793068a9e80986e2a023c0c23f0 -
    Please use the Edit function.
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    Kinda hard to help you because we don't really know what you are wanting your console to do, to what extent or method it has been modified, and the fact that you used the words "pimp my wii" that we neither support or identify with.
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    I agree with Oddgriffin.
    If you want to make sure everything is up to date, follow the Soft Mod Any Wii Guide.(Link is at the bottom of my signature.)
    Start from , soft mod with homebrew channel installed.

    That will update everything and you wont have to delete anything.
    Pleas read the Guide a Few times , Then proceed.


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