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Thread: Not turned Wii on for ages, update advice required!

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    Not turned Wii on for ages, update advice required!


    I was just hoping to get a little newbie advice. I softmodded my Wii a long time ago, and was using the external USB storage drive to play games etc etc.

    I have just turned it on after about 2 years and of course I need to update to get back on the shopping channel and stuff.

    Is it safe just to update through the Wii update menu bit? Will I lose my ability to play my old back ups? How can I update safely?

    Thanks for any advice on this.


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    Follow the Softmod Any Wii Guide (link in my sig). It will walk you through updating your softmod, installing SM 4.1 (optional), and installing the newest version of the shop channel. But never update through Nintendo.
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    Thanks for this. I'll check your links out and give it a shot. You put install SM 4.1 (optional), my Wii is already on a 4.2E (whatever that means).


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