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Thread: Getting Homebrew to Work With the New Controllers

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    Getting Homebrew to Work With the New Controllers

    Hey everybody, I was kinda in a rush, so i decided to skip the introduction post and post my question in here.

    INFO: My wii is a white one purchased from walmart (ie. the biggest disappointment of my life due to no gamecube support.) and both my controllers are incompatible with homebrew (yet another disappointment.) So I decided to make the best of it and softmodded it using the guide on this website (I almost used a tutorial on youtube, so thank goodness i stumbled upon this website.) it is now successfully softmodded and i've installed a few homebrew games and emulators, but to my dismay the most important ones didn't work. These are: SuperMarioWar, Supersonic, and desmume.

    That was just some background, feel free to skip it if you'd rather just get to the point.

    My question is, how can I use Wiigsc to make custom channels for these games? I know that Wiigsc will only accept games in .wad format, and these homebrew are not in that format, and every thread i see recommends this as the solution/workaround yet doesn't tell me how to use it with my homebrew games. Am i supposed to convert these games/apps/emulators to .wad format, then use them with wiigsc? If so, how do i do that? Any help would be appreciated, 'cause i might just be hard-headed and this might just not be possible to use wiigsc with homebrew (happens a lot.)

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    If you're talking about the new classic controller Homebrew simply isn't compatible with it, or many third-party and knockoff classic controllers. It sucks because I can't find anything but bootleg classic controllers here in Egypt. The last one I bought looked legitimate but turned out to be a fake -- sigh.

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    Ah, my mistake as i read an article wrong and mistook it's solution for being compatible with homebrew when it was actually only meant for game backups and such through usbloader. I ended up getting an old wiimote without the + so all's well that end well i suppose.


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