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Thread: Emulation with Wii

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    Emulation with Wii

    I've seen a few places where a person can run an emulator on the Wii and play older games from Nintendo. I've got a a large container full of older Nintendo game systems and games. Can't remember what all is in there, been twenty years since I stored it all. So, is there a way to make a copy of the ROM and transfer it to the Wii for playing? I imagine they don't simply "plug in".

    I'm not looking at Piracy, I own them, just curious how one plays them via an emulator.

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    Go here to learn about ripping nes backups.
    Other then that , you have to do some searching for the roms.

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    I fail at forum rules
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    Please be aware bedouin, that telling people where to get Roms is against the forum rules

    If they want to look for Rom sources they must do so on their own.

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    My company used to manufacture the cartridges for these. we use to have a HUGE display of EVERY game. We did "build to print", so Nintendo would ship all products to us and had people on an assembly line putting it all together. Every thing HAD to be accounted for, even scrap. If one piece was missing, no one was allowed to leave until it was found. Period. We locked the plant down (with everyone in it) for several hours one night because one ROM went missing.

    Can't remember what happened to the display units, either someone got all of them or they were sent back. Not even sure if they were full assemblies or dummy cases.

    that link was enjoyable, That's my job now is designing circuits and PCBs.

    Good little trip down memory lane.


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