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Thread: How to save USB Loader game covers to SD card?

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    How to save USB Loader game covers to SD card?

    Hey guys. I have my Wii softmodded, everything is A-OK, but although I have a handful of games on my USB, the games appear as blanks. They work perfectly, but they don't have any Covers. At first I thought that I will just download the covers using my PC to my USB later on, but the problem is, my USB locked out and now is read-only (Hardware defect, I need to buy a new USBHDD). The games work perfectly fine but I just want the covers! So, can I save the covers to my SD card or will I need to buy a new USBHDD for that?

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    Try using the USB loader itself to download your covers.
    By default it will save the covers on SD:/config/images

    Or you could either ask for your Backup Manager to download them for you, and move them to the SD card using this file structure, althought i would recommend using the loader on the WII since it will make all the structure for your and save each cover (HD, 3D, Full, Disc) to their respective folders.

    To be honest i never heard of a case of a read-only HD due to hardware fault. But i think it might be possible.
    Anyways IŽd try other stuff though. Did you mess with the permisions while you were using the HDD on windows? Is it a NTFS or FAT32 partition?

    Also, if you are gonna buy a new HDD, try getting a regular 2.5'' SATA HD and put it in an USB enclosure. Its cheaper this way, and easier to mantain in the future.
    Hope this helps.
    Softmodded Red Wii
    System Menu v4.3U .:. PriLoader v0.7
    Homebrew Channel v1.1.0 .:. BootMii v1.4

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    Hello, thank you for your reply. I searched the whole USB Loader but did not find an option to download covers. Am I missing something? Also, In my country it is not easy to just buy any HDD I want, they are pretty rare and expensive. I was using Sandisk Cruzer Switch 16 GB. It is known to lock itself up. Can it be it is because I removed the bloatware pre installed on the USB by just dragging it into recycle bin? Is it possible the USB locked itself up as a defense mechanism?

    EDIT: I am probably the dumbest being on the planet: all I have to do is CLICK on the blank game covers. Wow, anyway, thanks for the advice and feel free to lock this thread.
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