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Thread: Sell me your Softmodded Wii's

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    Sell me your Softmodded Wii's

    I already have one but want another for a backup and to get one for my brother for Christmas.

    Must be GameCube compatible Wii.
    Would prefer to have componet cable(Official Nintendo branded ones).
    Also need some Gamecube controllers(again, official Nintendo ones)
    Looking for classic contollers too.

    PM me.



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    How much you willing to spend? I have all the above.
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    i have one but just one controler and nunchuck, up to date softmod +sd card.
    also have another(console only) softmodded works perfect for usb, the laser is gone.
    $90.00 for both + shipping (in canada)
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    Thanks but looking for sellers in the US only. I'll pay more in shipping than the Wii if bought outside the US.


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