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Thread: Basic information and USB Microphone issue

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    Question Basic information and USB Microphone issue

    Hi Guys,

    Found this site through google, and it looks great by the way, after spending many hours trying to find out why I can't get my microphones to work.

    Heres the story so far...

    I have recently had my wii hacked/modded whatever the correct terminology is, and that person wasn't all too clued up with what they were doing, and neither am I, however I do have homebrew, and configurable usb loader installed and working on the wii, along with a bunch of other games currently stored on a usb stick.

    Great up to now, until I want the singing games to work - I now understand that you need to use the usb port on the back (the lower one) for the usb stick to work, but I also need both usb ports on the back for my microphones to work, or at least have the lower one free if I only want to use the 1 mic.

    So, how do you get around this problem? I firstly thought of maybe buying a bigger SD card and having the singing games on that, but can I load usb configurable loader off my small SD card, then remove that and put in a larger one and expect the game to run?

    I even bought a usb adaptor so I had 4 extra ports running off the 1 port in the wii, that didn't work.

    I have tried loading the singing games off the different cIOS settings, 222 229 250 etc, some load the game some dont, none allow the mics to work.

    I really hope someone has an answer for my microphone situation as my daughter is desperate to play on her singing games, I am unsure what version of homebrew I am running but all I know of the configurable loader is it says waninkoko cIOS 249 supported and hemes cIOS 223 223 supported.

    Also, would burning a game onto disc be an option, I have read on here about burning the iso to disc, and using a dvd-r - but do they work off fairly new wii's? (approx 3 yr old)

    I thank you for anyone who has spent the time to read this, I know I go on a bit but I am very very confused.

    Thanks for letting me join such a wonderful web site.


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    uh, maybe read here and use a compatible usb hub

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian View Post
    uh, maybe read here and use a compatible usb hub
    Thanks Brian, and I do intend on upgrading my stick to a hub one day, the link explains to start the game on a certain cIOS setting, I have tried those, and still having problems, is there a way for me to free up both usb ports in the back of the wii so I can have my mics plugged in, as I currently only have the one free (the top one) could this be my problem?

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