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Thread: Mario Kart Wii Hacking

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    Mario Kart Wii Hacking

    Awhile back I was a 4TL hacker. It was all fun and games until I found out something nasty. Nintendo layed down the banhammer and got me 20102'd. Well I called up nintendo about it a long time later, and they lifted the ban, but ever since then I've wanted to hack again. Isn't there a way you can hack mario kart wii online without having nintendo ban you? isn't there some code you can do to change your IP address or server code or something to prevent this? because if I hack again, I'm just going to get the banhammer again. I really wanna be a 4TL hacker again, but I can't until I can figure a way around the 20102 error code.

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    Sorry mate, there's no place for online cheats here. Play fair.

    Thread closed.


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