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Thread: Trying to follow hack any wii tutorial and can't get past the first step!

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    Trying to follow hack any wii tutorial and can't get past the first step!

    I'm feeling a little dumb and definitely noobish.

    I just bought this used wii from ebay and everything seems to be working but the first thing I wanted to do was hack it so I can play games and movies from an external HD.

    This wii is running v3.3

    I formatted a 2 GB memory card and extracted bannerbomb1 to the card and put it in the wii. When browse to the SD card in the wii boot.dol does not show up. In fact, the wii ignores all of the files and folders on the sd card and just tells me how much room is available.

    I have tried re-downloading the files several times. I have tried extracting using 7zip as well as the default win7 extractor. I have re-formatted the sd card several times as well. I have tried both san-disk and PNY sd cards with the same results.

    Any ideas on what I can do to get this working?



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    probably get a better response by posting your issues in the guide you are following, if you are following the guide from wiihacks...

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