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Thread: Wii restarts after loading GC Games

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    Wii restarts after loading GC Games

    Hey guys I just recently heard of the new quadforce homebrew app that allows you to play Mario kart Arcade GP 1 & 2. After installing the two games, I soon found out my GC games would not load from CFG USB loader. ( I riped all my old GC games and put them on my hard drive.)

    I've tried to uninstall the quadforce which I did with Wiigators cMIOS installer it installed the RVL -mios-v10.wad. I soon after got one of my old GC game disc and tried it on the regular disc loader channel and it worked. I then tried to play my games on CFG USB loader but when ever I selected the game I wanted to play my tv would go to a black screen and my wii would restart.

    Can anyone please help with a tutorial or tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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    When you installed the Mios v10 that only allows you to play from the disc.

    You have to re-install the Dios Mios wad to play the backups from the HDD.Link--->Dios Mios Guide.
    Your find the DM wad in that guide above.

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