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Thread: Mame stip by stip guide?

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    Us Mame stip by stip guide?

    Guys I have read and searched with no luck. Could someone point me a a stip by step for mame on wii? I read the neopop guide. I have got it on my sdcard and its in my apps and when I run it in homebrew I lose video and nothing happens. Any help would be great.

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    Us Found one.

    With permission I will post it

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    From what I've read its not worth it. Speed is kinds slow and takes at best 3-5 minutes to load small roms and up to an hour on larger!!!

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    Us Galaga and Dk

    My wife wants to play the oldies as do I. I have found some wad files of the games but I have had none of them work I just lose video. Any ideas?

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    using it on the wii is beyond its uses xD
    or it was a poorly made wad


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