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Thread: Can you install the Homebrew Channel using Priiloader?

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    Question Can you install the Homebrew Channel using Priiloader?

    Hello everyone.

    I had a hacked Wii with the Homebrew Channel and Priiloader installed on it. I ended up selling it, so I used the reset feature to remove all the channels and saves from memory. The new owner would now like to run homebrew on it, but as of the moment, the console has Priiloader working but no Homebrew Channel.

    Is it possible to install the Homebrew Channel from Priiloader, possibly by using the "Load/Install File" option from the main menu, or do I have to run an exploit again to get the Homebrew Channel back on there?


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    Just use an exploit. Yes, its possible but more work than its worth for bannerbomb/letterbomb.


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    You're right. I told him to use LetterBomb, and he said it was a piece of cake. Thanks.


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